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Video Wholesale Services

Since 1986

Hours: 9 AM - 5 PM  Monday - Friday


We enjoy creating as many miracles
as a day can hold.

I can create a custom
one just for you!

Likely we'll be able to fix your PC or Laptop,

and restore your data


 or transfer your files to
upgrade to a better or new system.

We offer a wide range of services:

New & Used Laptops & PC Computers

Computer Repair
PC Desktop, Server & Laptop


Damage Repair

Virus Removal
Data Recovery
Virus Protection
Computer Training
Computer Hardware Repair
Computer Software Repair
Computer Cases,
Power Supplies

Processors, Computer Memory,

Microsoft Certified Products
Card Readers, Hard Drives HDD,

Screens, Keyboards
DVD Burners & readers,

Intel Processors Quad, Dual, i7, etc.

XD HD EX  Cine Alta - Video Camera

1920 x 1080 @ 60 frames / sec.

Video Editing

Special Projects

Video & Audio to DVD or CD -

VHS - 8mm Tapes- Hi-8 - DV - MP4

LaserDisc - 8-Track - Expert Vinyl

8mm or 16mm Film - or Bakelite Record.

(and many more...)

Disc Replication

Disc Design & Printing



Multiple Copies


Thermal Permanent Disc Printing 

on Clear or Colored Surface


New PC's built by Uber-Techs

Kind, Patient Answers.


Turning Junk Into Joy !

We'd Love to Perform

a Miracle for you.

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