Video Wholesale Services

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Master - Transfer - Transcode & improve all video formats!


  • VHS

  • Super VHS

  • VHS-C

  • 8mm tape

  • Beta

  • Digital 8

  • Hi 8

  • 8mm Video Tape

  • DV Cam

  • DV Tape

  • U-Matic

  • HDV

  • SxS card - XD HD EX - MP4

  • Pal VHS

  • Mescam

  • DVD-R - DVD+R - DVD

  • Blue Ray DVD

  • Laser Disc

  • 8 Track

  • DAT Audio

  • D5HD
  • DVC PRO 50
  • DVC PRO-HD 100
  • M2 Mpg IMX (Green Tape)
  • DIGI BETA (Yellow Tapes)

VHS to DVD with custom printing

Computer formats available to convert FROM or TO :












SxS formats




We also do decryptions if authorized

We can compress and edit files as well.


Emergency or distressed stock restoration also available - We can remove mold, fix tears, restore color, etc.


We stock external HDD 500 GB Toshiba or Western Digital

32 GB SD Card

16 GB SD Card

  8 GB SD Card

Tape Repair and  shell replacement - Any format.

 We fix broken tapes and splice in new leader.

Here is a side-by-side quality comparison of Costco's DV Tape Transfer and ours with the same tape.

Our Quality is the ultimate you will find.

We use TIME BASE CORRECTED broadcast Panasonic VHS mastering

recorders to "up convert" your tapes at the highest quality settings.

This means dramatically better color, detail, and resolution for your image.

We also improve your tape audio by running through the very best Mackie

audio mixing boards. We can remove noises, improve speech and music.

This up-conversion from 240 VHS lines to 720P at 30 frames is dramatic, '

especially when viewed on a 4K monitor, or regular 1080 monitor.

We supply 100 year archival DVD material, that is "proofed" and tested

to make sure your DVD will copy and play perfectly.